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Molasses strikes again! - September 13, 2013

There is nothing new under the sun. This week news leaked out of a huge molasses spill in Honolulu harbor in Hawaii. Several folks have pointed out the connection to Jym's song "Molasses" from his CD East Side Guy, which chronicles the Great Molasses Flood in Boston in 1919. For your pleasure, we have made the entire song available on our Music page for streaming. Enjoy this sweet treat!

Radio play for "Sisters" on 9/11 - September 12, 2011

We were very gratified to hear the Moxie Chicks' recording of Jym's song "Sisters" played Sunday on Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk and on WUNH's The Folk Show in Durham, NH. Thanks to Stephanie and Jack for their support!

This recording is available on our anthology CD One Ball of Clay - Songs of Peace and Hope, which is available on-line from CD Baby. Click on the Buy link to your left for more information.

"Sisters" streaming in honor of 9/11 - September 7, 2011

You can now listen on-line to the full recording of "Sisters" recorded by the Moxie Chicks from the anthology CD One Ball of Clay - Songs of Peace and Hope. Click on our Music page to listen.

New song from Jym Mooney available exclusively on this website - April 7, 2011

Jym's newest song, "Last of the April Fools," is available for streaming on our Music page. It was recorded live during the Moxie Chicks' performance in the April Fools Concert at The Coffee House last week.

Positive review of Middle Aged Garage Band in this week's Shepherd Express! - January 20, 2011

We are delighted to receive a very nice review in this week's Shepherd Express. If you are not in the area to pick up a copy at your local store, you can read the review on-line here: or read it on our Press page.

Thanks a lot to Jamie Lee Rake, who writes local music reviews for the Shepherd!

Middle Aged Garage Band now available from CD Baby - November 8, 2010

You can order your very own copy of our new CD, Middle Aged Garage Band, from the good folks at CD Baby. Just click here:
And you can listen to samples from each track of the CD here on our website. Click on the Music icon in the menu.

That three-legged beer-swillin' hound gets around! - October 10, 2010

We just got word that Jym's song "Murphy (The Three-Legged Beer-Swillin' Hound)" aired this morning on The Folk Show on WUNH at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Today's show theme was Dogs and Cats, and Murphy slipped in right between Utah Phillips' "Queen of the Rails" and Mike Seeger's "Tennessee Hound." Thanks to Erin for suggesting Murphy, and to host Jack Beard for playing it.

The Moxie Chicks' new CD is almost here! - October 6, 2010

We are thrilled to announce that our new CD, MIDDLE AGED GARAGE BAND, is completed and is now at the manufacturer. Recorded at our 100th gig last April at The Coffee House, our second album features favorite pop songs from the 1920s through today, plus two great new songs: Jonnie's "Tinker Bell Blues" and our friend Brett Kemnitz's classic "Living in Waltztime." Mark your calendars now for Saturday, November 6th, when we will host our CD release concert at The Coffee House. You can see the cover art for MIDDLE AGED GARAGE BAND on our Photos page.

Milwaukee's Shepherd Express likes Jym's Live CD - February 27, 2010

This week's Shepherd Express includes a very positive review of Jym's "Live...Now and Then" CD. You can read the full review here:

New recording of Jym's "I Have Come to Take My Boy Home" - February 24, 2010

The Texas filk duo Ghost of a Rose has released their take on Jym's song "I Have Come to Take My Boy Home" on their first CD, "Plaid & Personal." You can hear the song on their MySpace page:

Carol on the radio! - February 7, 2010

Simply Folk played "Women Be Wise (Don't Advertise Your Man)" from Carol's new CD tonight. Host Tom Martin-Erickson also gave a nice mention of Carol and Jym's upcoming concert this Saturday night at the Sweet Water Sea Concert Series in Manitowoc (see our Calendar page for details). Thanks for the support, Tom!

Carol releases her first solo CD - January 31, 2010

We are delighted to announce the release of Carol Lee Hopkins' first solo CD, "Live at The Coffee House." This exciting album features a baker's dozen of classic and traditional folk and country songs. Carol's strong, bluesy vocals are tastefully backed by her Band of Angels: Brett Kemnitz, Chris "Ives" Iverson, and Moxie Chicks Jym Mooney and Jon "Sly Dog" Pagenkopf. You can pick up your very own copy at any Moxie Chicks performance.

Simply Folk strikes again - January 19, 2010

Tom Martin-Erickson was apparently stricken with a surge of nostalgia Sunday night, and played two songs from a 1981 concert by Jym with Brett Kemnitz. "Chocolate Chip Cookies" and "289-0465" appear on Jym's newest CD, " and then." Thanks, Tom!

This year's project - Chris Straw's solo CD - January 15, 2010

Moxie Chick Chris Straw is finally getting serious about making her first solo CD. The album will feature all original compositions from Chris. She is co-producing the project with Jym, and we are working with our favorite recording engineer, Jonathon Leubner. So far we've recorded basic tracks for five songs, including two with the Moxie Chicks. So a good start has been made! We'll keep everyone posted as the project continues.

More radio play for " and then" - December 12, 2009

"Down in New Orleans" from Jym's new CD was played this week by Tom Bingham on his "General Eclectic" show on WCVF-FM in Fredonia, NY. Thanks for the support, Tom!

" and then" on Simply Folk - October 25, 2009

Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk aired "Sisters" from Jym's new CD on tonight's show. Thanks to Simply Folk host Tom Martin-Erickson for the support! (Tom also recorded the 1981 concert set included on " and then.")

Jym's new CD available as a download - October 20, 2009

Yes, all of you tech-savvy hipsters can now purchase downloads of Jym's new CD, " and then." It is available by individual song or entire album from iTunes, Napster, and Amazon. (Jym's 1999 CD "East Side Guy" is also available for download from Amazon.)

For those of you who still enjoy holding a solid product in your hands, you can purchase CDs on-line from or from Jym in person.

Jym's new CD - " and then" - is available now! - June 10, 2009

Jym's brand new CD is now available for purchase. You can order online from CD Baby (see the Buy link on your left), or you can pick up a copy at any Moxie Chicks performance. You can listen to excerpts from the CD by clicking on the Music link.

Here are some of Jym's thoughts on this new project:

As much fun, and as creatively satisfying, as it is to work in the recording studio, carefully crafting and polishing a musical statement from the raw materials of words and music and the talents of the contributing musicians, there is something transcendent in a live performance when everyone is synched together and feeding off each other’s and the audience’s energy. Twenty-five years ago I recorded my first solo album, The Lines Are Open, live in concert at The Coffee House, assisted by my friend Brett Kemnitz and recording engineer Jonathon Leubner (Jon’s and my first project together). When Brett proposed that he put together a band to back me up on some of my songs as an added feature for his annual spring concert at The Coffee House, I jumped at the chance to complete a circle of sorts and invited Jonathon to record the performance.

For my set I chose half a dozen songs that I had not yet recorded on my own albums (three songs – “Down in New Orleans,” “Sisters,” and “Springtime in Ohio” – had appeared on recordings by the Moxie Chicks, the band that my wife Carol Lee Hopkins and I are part of). Brett played acoustic bass guitar, and rounded up lead guitarist Craig Siemsen and Dobro whiz Jerry Danks, both of whom I had worked with on past recordings, and also brought in Chris “Ives” Iverson, who played banjo and harmonica. We had two rehearsals to learn the songs, and another run-through the evening of the concert. The resulting performance was loose and relaxed, but with an energy and enthusiasm that kicked the songs up another level.

Six songs, however, do not an album make, so I dug back into the archives and dusted off a set Brett and I performed at the Old Time Music & Crafts Festival in Shawano, WI in August 1981. A chance mid-winter encounter with one of the organizers of the festival had led to an invitation for me to perform. I invited Brett to come along, and we had a great time playing at the afternoon workshops and making new friends. Brett had a new song called “Reagan Time” that was a huge hit at the workshops, and went over quite well at the evening concert. The reception that we received was so encouraging that it led directly to the recording of Reagan Time & Other Love Songs for the 80s, our joint record released in 1982. The evening concert was recorded for broadcast on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Simply Folk program, and now after near 30 years it makes it appearance on an album. [These six songs (re-recorded later) appeared on Reagan Time & Other Love Songs for the 80s and The Lines Are Open. With the exception of “Holidays,” which (in a different live recording) appeared on my album East Side Guy, all of these songs make their CD debut on LIVE…now and then.]

Two more live tracks are included as a bonus. “Frank Said,” recorded at The Coffee House’s 40th Anniversary Concert in 2007, has previously been available for download from my website and on the CD Songs for Frank Zeidler, which also includes Larry Penn’s “In My Father’s Mansion.” “House of Cards” was recorded at The Coffee House in 2008, and features my wife Carol on vocals and our friend and fellow Moxie Chick Jon Pagenkopf on slide guitar.

Cover art for Jym's new CD posted - May 19, 2009

Click on the Photos link to your left and you can see the cover art for Jym's new CD.

New solo CD from Jym in the works! - April 11, 2009

Those of you who enjoyed the one-time-only appearance by the Jym Mooney Band (Jym with Brett Kemnitz, Craig Siemsen, Jerry Danks, and Chris "Ives" Iverson) at The Coffee House on March 28th will be pleased to know that the recording of the concert came out very well, and will be incorporated into a new live CD due for release later this year. In addition to the March 28th set, an archival performance by Jym with Brett from 1981 will be included, plus a couple of surprises. Keep tuned in for more information as it happens!

New music feature on our website - March 21, 2009

When you visit our site, an audio clip will now play automatically. Currently we have some clips from our recent Valentine's Day concert loaded. We hope you will enjoy this new feature!

Jonathon Leubner's new CD includes a song written by Jym - December 15, 2008

Our longtime recording engineer, collaborator, and friend Jonathon Leubner has a new CD out called Something Borrowed, which features his recordings of songs written by his friends. He has included his take on Jym's song "The Robert Burns Statue," as well as songs by Brett Kemnitz, Larry Penn, Kevin Mulvenna, and more. Jonathon will feature the CD this Saturday night, Dec. 20th, at The Coffee House, 631 N. 19th Street in Milwaukee. He is opening the show for Larry Penn. Showtime is 8 p.m.

Neil Young adds link to Jym's "I Have Come To Take My Boy Home" - October 19, 2008

When Neil Young released his Living With War CD in 2006, he complained that "no one is writing protest songs anymore." He was quickly corrected, and his website now has links to nearly 3,000 topical songs. Jym's song "I Have Come To Take My Boy Home" has recently been added to the list. Click here to go straight to the page with song links: (the rest of the website is pretty fun to explore, too:

Vote Moxie Chicks! - August 8, 2008

The Shepherd Express is running its annual Best Of Milwaukee reader's poll now through September 26th. You can vote for your favorite restaurants, politicians, clubs, stores, etc. In the Arts & Entertainment section you can vote for your favorite Acoustic Musician and for Vocalist - Female (that's spelled M-O-X-I-E C-H-I-C-K-S). Last year YOUR VOTES put the Moxie Chicks among the top three finalists for Best Acoustic Musicians. Let's see if we can do even better this year!

You can vote by filling out the paper ballot available in your weekly Shepherd Express, or you can vote on-line at
One vote per person, please. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't encourage all of your friends to join the vote, of course! Thanks for your support!

Positive review for Songs for Frank Zeidler in the Shepherd Express - July 10, 2008

This week's Shepherd Express newspaper has a very nice review of Jym and Larry's Songs for Frank Zeidler CD.

You can read the review on-line by clicking here:
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