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Moo-Town Productions: Links


The Moxie Chicks on MySpace
Visit our MySpace page and join our friends!
Jym Mooney on MySpace
Jym has a MySpace page, too.
If you want to hear Jym's song "I Have Come to Take My Boy Home" performed with electric guitars, bagpipes, drums, and a fabulous singer, check out Celtic-rock band Jiggernaut's MySpace page.

Artists on One Ball Of Clay

Fred & Ethel
High energy acoustic rock.
Brett Kemnitz
Sly, witty, and always entertaining songwriter.
Brett Kemnitz's kids CD
A wonderful collection of original, off-beat songs for kids of all ages.
Pamela Means
Edgy, politically charged rock-influenced acoustic music.
Larry Penn
The Dean of the Milwaukee folk music scene, Larry's songs in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Joe Hill are known around the world.
Patty Stevenson & Craig Siemsen
Creators of exquisite, jewel-like songs.
Sweet Diversity
Multi-talented women's trio performing original, contemporary, and traditional folk music.
Barb & Tom Webber
Beautiful, well-crafted songs and glorious, soaring vocal harmonies. 2003 WAMI Folk Artists of the Year.

More performers we recommend

Lou & Peter Berryman
Hilarious songs, 12-string guitar, accordion...they make us proud to be from Wisconsin!
Blonde on Blonde
Jess Hrobar and Chrissy Dzioba bring together their jazz and classical piano training for a lovely folk/pop sound.
Bonnee Beth
Songs and stories of life in the Blue Ridge Mountains and beyond.
Will Branch
Authentic traditional and orginal folk music with heart.
Cooper, Nelson, & Early
Breathtakingly beautiful renditions of English language folk music from Great Britain, Canada, and America. Margaret Nelson wrote the lovely "Let Peace Prevail" which the Moxie Chicks have recorded on their new CD.
David H.B. Drake
Multiple award winning traditional, original, and contemporary folk music the whole family will enjoy.
Ann Elizabeth-Nagel
Ann is a member of Sweet Diversity. Her new solo CD "I Surrender" features her deeply felt songs of personal growth, acceptance, and transformation.
Fox and Branch
Old time guitar and fiddle music for the family.
A little lady with a big voice and intense original songs.
Celtic-rock band from Houston, TX. They recorded Jym's song "I Have Come To Take My Boy Home" on their first CD, In Search Of More.
Lil' Rev
Awesome multi-instrumentalist plays old-time, traditional, blues, folk, Jewish, Tin Pan Alley...just call it American music!
Seelie Court
A wonderful trio who play Celtic dance music and songs. (Member Jon Baade also designed the artwork for the Moxie Chicks' CD Cross Me, Fool!)
Art Stevenson & High Water
Great bluegrass band from the heart of Wisconsin. 2002 WAMI winners.
David Stoddard
Wonderful original acoustic songs with cleverly witty lyrics.
Art Thieme
A collection of great photos taken by legendary Illinois folksinger Art Thieme of people and places he has known over the last 40 years. There's also info on Art's wonderful recordings that are available on CD.
Harvey Taylor
Whimsical and thoughtful poet, songwriter, musician.

Folk music on the radio

Simply Folk
Wisconsin Public Radio's long-running folk music program, hosted by Tom Martin-Erickson. Airs Sunday evenings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time. Broadcast on radio stations across Wisconsin as well as on a real time feed over the Internet.
Calamity Jane's Cafe Vaquera
A country-rockabilly free-range radio audio experience, frequently with in-studio musicians. Hosted by Jane Herrold. Airs Tuesday evenings 9 to 11 p.m. Pacific Time on KMUN in Astoria, OR and in a live webcast.

Favorite venues

The Coffee House
Milwaukee's oldest continuously running coffeehouse, providing great folk and acoustic music since 1967. And it's all-volunteer run, too!
Fixx Coffee House
A fun new venue in St. Francis, WI. Great beverages and snacks, and lots of live music. One of our favorite places to play!
Sweet Water Sea Concerts
An exciting new acoustic music series in Manitowoc,WI.
The Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse
A wonderful volunteer-staffed folk music venue in Madison, WI. Spicing up Madison's acoustic music scene since 1978!

Peace Music websites

Petition to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize
Pete Seeger's work for peace and international harmony for the past 50+ years has been unmatched. Please add your name to this petition to get Pete nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
New Songs For Peace
A collection of over 100 songs for peace, including lyrics and MP3s. Includes Jym's "I Have Come To Take My Boy Home," plus two more songs from One Ball Of Clay: Linda Beck's "La Tierra Misma [The Same Ball Of Clay]" and Ken Baron's "Why Can't Man Make Peace?"
Centre For Political Song
The Centre for Political Song is part of Research Collections at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.

Other cool links

Guitars for Vets
These great people give free guitars and music lessons to vets. You can donate guitars and cash to help them with their joyful work.
Golden Ring Music & Folklore Center
Our friends Fritz & Mary Schuler run this excellent music store in Manitowoc, WI, featuring a great selection of folk music recordings and acoustic musical instruments. They also sponsor a wonderful acoustic music series at Woodland Dunes Nature Center in Two Rivers.
Madison Folk Music Society
These nice people present wonderful acoustic music events in the Madison area.
FolkLib Index - A Library of Folk Music Links
On-line since 1995, the FolkLib Index is an on-going attempt to index information on the World Wide Web that is related to the fields of Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Acoustic Blues, Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitarists, Harp (the stringed kind) Players, and a very special emphasis on everything to do with Wisconsin music and musicians. Check out this great resource!
Jean Cuje Milwaukee Music Collection
Housed in the Raynor Library at Marquette University, the Jean Cujé Milwaukee Music Collection is a unique collection of music in all formats recorded by artists in the Milwaukee area, gathered through donations and purchased to serve the local community. Materials include compact discs, cassettes, phonodiscs, videos and related items. Music of all types including classical, jazz, folk, rock, etc., recorded by artists who have spent most of their careers living and performing in the Milwaukee area is collected.
I Am Clay
This 30-minute documentary for educators and parents features Linda Beck's song "La Tierra Misma (The Same Ball Of Clay)" from the CD "One Ball Of Clay - Songs Of Peace And Hope."